Claus Bech-Danielsen
is Professor in Architecture, and Director of the center 'By, Bolig og Ejendom at the National Housing Research Institute at Aalborg University.

Mustafa Dikeç
is Reader in Human Geography at Royal Holloway, University of London. His research is focused around three themes: politics of space, politics of alterity, and politics of time.

Margit Mayer
is Professor in Political Science at the JFK Institute at Free University in Berlin. Her research is on urban questions in times of globalisation and urban social movements.

Andrea Mubi Brighenti
is a sociologist who teaches Social Theory at the University of Trento. His main research is about space and society (social territories, urban space, public space, urban media, translocal practices and motilities), visibility (visibilisation and visualisation procedures, urban visual practices, social documentary, street photography) and social theory.

Loretta Lees
Professor of Human Geography at King's College London, with special competence in urban geography, gentrification, the politics of urban public spaces and the geography of architecture.

Eric Swyngedouw
is Professor of Geography at University of Manchester, with interests in in socio-economic change, politics and spatial restructuring, urban and regional restructuring processes, and political ecology, power and citizenship.

Tom Slater
is Senior Lecturer in Human Geography at The University of Edinburgh with interest in gentrification, displacement, urban inequality and welfare issues.

Lawrence Berg
Lawrence Berg is Professor of Critical Geograhy at the University of British Columbia Okanagan Campus. His research concentrates on three primary themes: 1) Neoliberalism and Geographies of Academic Knowledge Production, 2) Place and the Politics of Identity, and 3) Cultural Safety in Healthcare for Urban Aboriginal People.