CRUSH is a Strong Research Environment financed by FORMAS. It will run between 2014 and 2018 and its prime interest is the current acute housing crisis in Sweden.


Pictures from CRUSH/JEDI meeting


How to rethink Anglo-American urban theories through Swedish and French lenses?

Pictures taken during the CRUSH/JEDI collaboration meeting in Paris on the 3rd-4th December, 2015.

Campus de Champs-sur-Marne, Cité Descartes, Bâtiment Bienvenüe, Marne-la-Vallée 


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International Workshop CRUSH/JEDI


How to rethink Anglo-American urban theories through Swedish and French lenses?
Thursday 3
rd Dec. & Friday 4th Dec. 2015 

Campus de Champs-sur-Marne, Cité Descartes, Bâtiment Bienvenüe, Marne-la-Vallée 

Most of urban theory is developed within Anglo-American contexts. But Sweden and France are two countries where the State was traditionally very strong and active in housing policy and urban development. This workshop aims at rethinking Anglo-American urban theory in the light of Swedish and French research, especially about neoliberalism, gentrification, housing policy and markets, planning theory and everyday resistance.

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MOSPUS Research seminar


The Department of Environmental, social and spatial change (ENSPAC) through the research group Space, place, mobility and urban studies (MOSPUS) at Roskilde university is hosting a research seminar on the broad subject of Affordable Housing. It will be hosted on Thursday 29/10 at Roskilde University 13-16 followed by some social arrangement.
Presenters (preliminary titles)
Maria Persdotter: We cannot have a shantytown in Sweden - exploring conflicts over tent camps in Malmö, Sweden" 
Vitor Peiteado Fernández: "Politicising housing issues: From the right to housing to the right to the city in Spain"
Emil Pull: "Large-scale displacement now and then"

PhD Course: Housing, the City and Justice



Spring 2016

Organised by the FORMAS strong research platform CRUSH ( Contact:

Course code: KSUS012 Credits: 7.5 ECTS

This course seeks to explore in what ways the Nordic and European housing markets are assuming a dysfunctional state, and what politics and policies can be implemented to solve this. In northern Europe, the acute housing shortage is a fact, while southern European countries are facing a systematic wave of foreclosures and evictions in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. Meanwhile, housing prices and rent levels in major urban centres are skyrocketing, and throughout Europe ever larger chunks of affordable rental stock are systematically bought, renovated and put back on the market at significantly higher prices. The increasing shortage of affordable (rental) accommodation leads to acute housing problems for low-income families, young people, single parents, old people, and immigrants with a weak economy, even though many international declarations and national constitutions guarantee the right to housing. The housing market appears to be characterized by a classic implementation deficit: everybody agrees that a healthy housing market is a vital component of a well-functioning city, but nobody appears to know how to achieve such an outcome through planning or other social processes. Meanwhile, developers, landlords and the real estate sector call for yet another round of deregulation to stimulate the housing market, while people have started to organize themselves to resist evictions and fight renovation projects. The course investigates economic, political and social perspectives on the global housing crisis, and it emphasises alternative strategies for housing. This will be pursued through three sessions of two to three days in Uppsala, Lund and Malmö with lectures, seminars and excursions to places where ‘the housing question’ becomes very visible. 

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The resilience of neoliberal urbanism


"Resilience, the latest urban policy and think tank buzzword extolled upon the world's urban dwellers, operates as an insidious alias to dispossession and territorial stigmatisation"

Tom Slater on Urban Resilence. Full article below.

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Urban Seminar Series: Narrating the City


Malmö Högskola, Autumn 2015
Selected Fridays 14:00-16:00
Niagara, room A0603 (6th floor)
Nordenskiöldsgatan 1, Malmö 
EN: We are pleased to invite you to the fall 2015 Urban Seminar series at Malmö Högskola. This season we focus on narratives. How do planners, politicians, private actors, researchers, and citizens narrate and make sense of urban space? We have invited a number of exciting speakers who explores different ways of narrating the city with examples from Gothenburg, academia, London, the city planning office, and the club scene.
SV: Varmt välkomna till höstens seminarieserie i urbana studier på Malmö Högskola. Den här säsongen fokuserar vi på stadens berättelser. Hur berättar och begreppsliggör planerare, politiker, privata aktörer, forskare och medborgare stadens rum? Vi har bjudit in en rad intressanta föreläsare som undersöker olika sätt att berätta staden med exempel från Hisingen, den akademiska världen, London, stadsbyggnadskontoret, och nattklubben.

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Three calls for papers - CRUSH members to AAG 2016


CRUSH people are involved in three differet calls for papers for the upcomming AAG (Association of American Geographers) meeting in March-April of 2016.

CFP #1: Reimagining the urban: Hopeful trajectories for remaking the city
Organisers: Ragnhild Claesson (Malmö University, Sweden), Zahra Hamidi (Malmö University, Sweden), Vítor Peiteado Fernández (Malmö University, Sweden; Roskilde University, Denmark) 

CFP #2: Narrating displacement: Lived experiences of urban social and spatial exclusion
Organisers: Jacob Lind (Malmö University, Sweden); Emil Pull (Malmö University, Sweden; Roskilde University, Denmark); Ioanna Tsoni (Malmö University, Sweden) 

CFP #3: Towards a theoretical ceasefire? Empirical inquiries into the making of urban injustices and conflicts

Organisers: Malin Mc Glinn (Malmö University, Sweden), Maria Persdotter (Malmö University, Sweden; Roskilde University, DK)

Click below to read the calls in full.

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CRUSH will be hosting PhD Course


CRUSH will be hosting a PhD course entitled Housing, the city and Justice 7.5 ECTS. Exact dates, syllabus and lecturers will be announced at a later time, but clear your shedule and plan for some studies in Spring 2016!

CRUSH attended AAG 2015


CRUSH attended the anual AAG (Association of American Geographers) meeting in Chicago. Two sessions were organized by CRUSH through Prof. Guy Baeten on the 22nd of April.

The first session entitled Displacement as a global urban strategy I: Displacement as violent strategy was chaired by CRUSH member Henrik Gutzon Larsen. And presenting a papers from CRUSH was Guy Baeten and Carina Listerborn. 

Karin Grundström, Henrik Gutzon Larsen, Anders Lund Hansen and Irene Molina from CRUSH were presenting papers at the second session entitled Displacement as a global urban stratey II: Global fights.   

Lecture by David Harvey in Lund


The deparment of Human Geography in Lund hosted a lecture by distiguished geographer David Harvey about his new book "Seventeen contradictions and the end of Capitalism". Videolink below.

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