The resilience of neoliberal urbanism

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Urban Seminar Series: Narrating the City

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Urban Seminarier: Stadens berättelser

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Three calls for papers - CRUSH members to AAG 2016

CRUSH people are involved in three differet calls for papers for the upcomming AAG (Association of American Geographers) meeting in March-April of 2016.

CFP #1: Reimagining the urban: Hopeful trajectories for remaking the city
Organisers: Ragnhild Claesson (Malmö University, Sweden), Zahra Hamidi (Malmö University, Sweden), Vítor Peiteado Fernández (Malmö University, Sweden; Roskilde University, Denmark) 

CFP #2: Narrating displacement: Lived experiences of urban social and spatial exclusion
Organisers: Jacob Lind (Malmö University, Sweden); Emil Pull (Malmö University, Sweden; Roskilde University, Denmark); Ioanna Tsoni (Malmö University, Sweden) 

CFP #3: Towards a theoretical ceasefire? Empirical inquiries into the making of urban injustices and conflicts

Organisers: Malin Mc Glinn (Malmö University, Sweden), Maria Persdotter (Malmö University, Sweden; Roskilde University, DK)

Click below to read the calls in full.

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